To build the future,
you first have to know how to push
the boundaries and trigger desire.
We see to it with success.

Real estate that distinguishes itself is real estate that inspires and attracts. As much for its daring, creativity and inventiveness as for its appropriateness, quality and added value. At Groupe Kevlar, we’ve built our reputation on being able to see beyond trends, and to always raise our standard of excellence. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, our properties are appreciated and sought after. Because they are incomparable and profitable.

The Groupe Kevlar Vision The Groupe Kevlar Business Distinction

Understanding a locale is the key
to building the future.

At S.E.C. Kevlar, we never develop a project based on the present. Rather, the projects in which we invest are conceived of and thought out with a view to the future. Before the ground is first broken, before the first nail is hammered home, we undertake an in-depth analysis of the locale. We take the pulse of the market, the real estate context, the potential of the site, architecture, marketing, presentation... no detail is overlooked to ensure that each of our projects is timeless and galvanizing, infusing the environment with a new vitality.


René Bellerive founds Groupe Kevlar in Montreal. In this first period of its existence, the company makes its mark in real estate brokering. Within three years, Groupe Kevlar is generating an annual transactional volume in excess of $125 million.


Groupe Kevlar opens a new head office in Montreal and launches its two signature brands Sax and Jazz. Notably, it builds phases I, II, and III of the Sax complex on Nuns’ Island, and several Jazz retirement homes (Sainte-Foy, Longueuil, Drummondville, Lebourgneuf, Lévis).


Now well established as a major player in the industry, Groupe Kevlar continues to develop its two banners, as well as executing numerous private and governmental real estate projects. The company distinguishes itself by the quality of its construction and its keen marketing sense.


Groupe Kevlar will continue to shine through the quality of its projects – and continue to grow. To do this, the company will rely on its innovative capacity, its vast real estate expertise, and the dynamism of its business partnerships. Of course, always combining development and profitability.

When experience, attention to detail and foresight team up,
there’s no limit to what they can inspire and create.

René Bellerive, founder and president

Holder of a degree in real estate financing, René Bellerive is a company head who is as active on the ground as he is in his office. Investment, art direction, architecture, design, marketing... he involves himself in everything in order to keep Groupe Kevlar firmly on the road of innovation that makes a difference. He has the soul of a pioneer. He fuels himself with the novel, the unexplored, with the idea of achieving the impossible for the sake of well-being. His impressive track record of $700 million in real estate investments is an eloquent testimony to his virtuosity.

It’s but a single step
from comfort to comforting and
passion to compassion. We take it in all humility. We lend a hand to hope.

When you have known success, in our eyes it is important to share the fruits of that success with the community. Because we work in a universe of a high quality of life, it seemed obvious to us that we should use this as a lever to offer a better quality of life to others. For each new unit that we sell, a predetermined amount is donated to charitable causes that are close to our hearts. Thanks to our projects, more than $250 000 will be given to worthy projects and organizations.






We exploit our skills
as much to reinvent real estate
as to generate prosperity. To the great delight of our partners.

The name Groupe Kevlar is synonymous with success. Unquestionably. Our reputation is a testament to our solid business sense. Its foundations: our passion, our thirst for innovation, our optimized multidisciplinary nature, our capacity to constantly outdo ourselves and our skill at taking calculated risks. When we deploy it for the benefit of a partner, it is with the precise objective that profitability is the point of it all.

Business agreement

Context analysis

Development of the strategic plan

Deployment of ressources

Execution of the mandate

Return on capital invested

We have mastered every aspect of real estate. We are multi-talented. Efficiently.

Since its founding, S.E.C. Kevlar has been distinguished by its vast real estate experience. Our company is not content to follow established standards. We define them, without compromise. Talk to us about a project and we will bring it to life with ingenuity. Show us a location and we will transform it expertly. Trust us with a building, and we will bring the best out of it. Our sense of savoir-faire is keen and complete. Our resources, lucid and involved. Our brand, communicative and reassuring. In partnerships, we are always supportive and influence business for the better.


  • Creation and design
  • Management of professionals
    (architecture and engineering)
  • Construction management
  • Marketing
  • Sales management

We are reliable and responsible managers. Best practices are at the foundation of everything we undertake. At every step of a project, we only deal with professionals: suppliers who are qualified, experienced and reputable. Our projects and their successful commercialization are proof in themselves of our management expertise.


  • Commercial rental
  • Construction of leasehold
  • Management of capital
  • Accounting
  • Preparation of annual budgets

We have raised the science of exploiting real estate assets to a higher level. We have mastered the art of enhancing the value of properties to give them a second wind and offering solutions adapted to every budget. Our strength: identifying and highlighting the strong points of each location in order to attract and retain good tenants. To the great satisfaction of our clients.


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Résidences Jazz

Résidences Jazz

Résidences Jazz

Résidences Jazz

Résidences Jazz

Résidences Jazz

Résidences Jazz

Résidences Jazz

Résidences Jazz

Résidences Jazz

Sax I, II, and III

Sax I, II, and III
Nuns' Island



Sax I, II, and III to come

Sax I, II, and III to come
Town of Mount Royal

Le 410 Charest

Le 410 Charest

Complexe Bois-Fontaine

Complexe Bois-Fontaine

Le Cartier

Le Cartier
Québec City

Place CIBC

Place CIBC
Québec City

Complexe de Ville

Complexe de Ville
Québec City


Québec City



Entourage sur le lac

Entourage sur le lac


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